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Lets take a trip down memory lane, sitting in physics class, and learning that hot air rises. Intriguing, right? Not really, but it is something that we have all heard or studied at one time or another in our lives but rarely ever actually need the information. When it comes to sealing and insulating an attic it is a very important factor to remember. For example, think of a coffee mug or an ice chest. When we are trying to keep the contents in these items at their preferred temperature, do we leave the lids on them wide open allowing the outside temperature to affect the inside temperature? No, we we close that lid nice and tight, and try to conserve the preferred temperature. The same should go with our home. Air is naturally and constantly moving within a home. Though it may be subtle and unnoticed, it is happening. If not sealed, air will be sucked in from beneath the home, migrate through your living space and in to the area of a home with the most holes, THE ATTIC! This is known as “stack effect” or “chimney effect” and is a common occurrence that should be addressed. Not only is stack effect a concern but what also raises a huge red flag in many Chicago, IL homes is the fact that we have duct work channeling conditioned air through these vented attics. DUCT WORK LEAKS! Spray Foam Insulation is not only a thermal barrier but also an air barrier, meaning it can dramatically decrease stack effect, create a sealed building envelope, stop any air leaks and potentially save you up to 50% in heating and cooling cost and will last the lifetime of the house.

Spray foam insulation applied to attic in Chicago IL

Traditional types of insulation DO NOT stop air movement, allowing air to actually pass through itself, which leads to heat loss, ice dams in the winter and high energy bills all year round. Traditional insulation also collects dust causing a decrease in R-value over time and allowing your dollar bills to literally blow away in the wind. Lets put a lid on it, Chicago, and move on to the way a home was intended to be insulated, with Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation.

Insulating with spray foam an attic in Chicago IL

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