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It seems like everyone has had a rodent in their house at some point. I know we have had our fair share of them living in Chicago IL. The changing of the seasons seems to bring out rodents in full force looking for a place to winter.

Rodents sense traditional insulation as a Hotel in California. The pink, yellow, and gray fluffy stuff is not only a warm place to spend a cold winter night; it can act as a diner, bedding, and a second bathroom. In turn this makes attics, crawlspaces, and basements prime breeding grounds for mice in colder climates of the US.

Though there is no 100% mouse proof insulation, spray foam insulation is as close to a rodent resistant insulation as it can get. This is because it is a polyurethane and hardens after application which makes spray foam a rodent proof insulation option. It is an option that homeowners can use to not only keep out rodents; but creates a consistent seal to keep out bugs, insects, and critters as well.

Traditional fiberglass and cellulose products on the other hand are often referred to as mice eating insulation. That is because traditional insulation is easy for rodents to move and chew through.

In addition to being one of the highest R-rated insulations on the market, spray foam can act as a pest control insulation. Spray foam insulation creates an air tight seal where it is applied and can prevent all of those pesky critters.

When applied properly, attic spray foam insulation has also proven to act as pest control. Once applied, spray foam insulation quickly expands to fill in even the smallest gaps, crevices, and voids. Then it hardens in place providing a rodent proof insulation. The products we use at RevFoam Insulation are safe for people and pets(“NAHB Green Approved Product Certified”). Using a pest control insulation is a great way for homeowners as well as contractors to avoid dealing with exterminators and other silly pest control products.

If you live in Chicago IL or the surrounding suburbs, contact RevFoam today for your FREE ESTIMATE to install rodent proof insulation in your home!

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