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Insulating with spray foam an attic in Chicago IL You pay for heating and cooling
why not keep it?
with Spray Foam Insulation


Our goal at Revfoam insulation is to reduce our customers energy consumption, ultimately reducing our customers energy cost. We accomplish this by performing a full evaluation of your current insulation during our estimate. Design a detailed plan to improve, and in most cases increase your home envelope in our proposal. Finally, we properly install revolutionary insulation into your space.


RevFoam Insulation services the Chicagoland area of Illinois including: Bartlett, Schaumburg, Elgin, Elmhurst, Barrington, Gurnee, Naperville, Wheaton, St. Charles, Aurora, Plainfield, and more! Call us today to learn how to reverse your energy loss!



It is everywhere and has been everywhere since the day the very first exterior wall of a home was erected. Humans have used mud, straw, even newspaper to keep the elements out of our dwellings. We used these materials because they were readily available to us at that time. Since the 1930’s fiberglass insulation was a technological advance that revolutionized the way we insulated our homes. Fast forward to today and new advances are replacing the dirty and short lived life span of fiberglass insulation as the insulation of choice. With technological advances creating better insulating materials and science teaching us that a tighter home is more efficient, we can make our living space more economical and better insulated while protecting the environment at the same time. Spray foam insulation is the advance that your home needs.  Having revolutionary spray foam installed in your Chicagoland home is the way to go.

Let’s Move Forward!

Start Right With New Construction Spray Foam Insulation in Chicago, IL


A New home, deserves a fresh start. Air infiltration is 60% of heating and cooling loss. Do it right the first time. Having RevFoam install spray foam insulation on every exterior wall of your new Chicago, IL home can save you up to 50% on energy bills.

Save Big With Spray Foam Insulation
in Your Attic


The attic is the easiest area to correct or retrofit an existing Chicago, IL home. Fiberglass and Cellulose do not stop air movement. Without a proper air barrier in your attic, heat WILL escape through the roof deck causing ice dams, leading to costly roof repairs. As you can see very clearly in the pictures above, heat, that you’ve paid for, is finding a way and out melting the snow on the roof. Sprayfoam insulation will fix this problem on day one. Start saving money and have RevFoam properly install spray foam insulation in your Chicagoland, attic.

Spray Foam Insulation
in Your Basement


Basements are a great place for air to infiltrate you home, if nothing is done to prevent it. Concrete has little or no R-value.  A typical foundation wall is 8″ thick, giving you a grand total of an R-1 the recommended R- value of an exterior wall is R-15 well below the requirements of most building codes. The only effective way to insulate a basement wall from the exterior elements is Spray foam insulation.  Stop your heat loss today and have your Chicagoland basement professionally insulated by RevFoam.

Crawl Spaces Also Benefit From
Spray Foam Insulation


Out of sight, out of mind and out of control…your crawl space. Like your attic, is an integral part of your home is the crawlspace. If this space is not insulated (most are not) extreme temperature differences will occur with cold air infiltrating in the winter and hot air in the summer. These temperature extremes lead to energy loss and jeopardizes your families comfort during Chicago’s cold winters and hot summers. Take control, stop any natural air movement and hang on to that conditioned air that you’ve paid for by having RevFoam insulate your Chicagoland crawl space.


Sound Abatement With Spray Foam Insulation

Not only does spray polyurethane foam create a great air barrier but it can also dampen sound levels through walls and floors. In this picture, we are applying open cell spray foam insulation to the underside of a second floor office space. Stop sharing phone conversations with your neighboring office employees and have RevFoam install a sound barrier for you today.

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