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Living in Chicago IL, freezing temperatures are to be expected every winter. They don’t call it the “windy city” to attract tourists. In Chicago’s climate and its below freezing temperatures there are bound to be frozen pipes. In extreme temperatures water freezes, then expands, causing pipes to burst; causing damage that insurance companies love to pay out…claims from frozen pipes. Yet, builders still place water lines in unconditioned areas of homes or buildings where pipes are exposed to the outside elements and WILL freeze.

So, what is the best pipe insulation to prevent and avoid costly repairs? A proven method to avoid the problem of water damage from frozen pipes in Chicago winters is to utilize Spray Foam Pipe Insulation. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” goes the old saying and that certainly holds true with preventing frozen pipes.

Water pipe insulation in Chicago IL

Conventional thinking to prevent frozen pipes is the use of pipe wrap insulation, electric heat cables, or best of them all “just turn your faucet on and keep the water moving”. But the most common practice is copper pipe insulation wrap. This is insulation manufactured to wrap around water lines, using a pre-made piece of foam with a slit along one side making installation around the water lines easier. Although it is better than nothing at all, this insulation wrap is designed to prevent vapor from condensing on water lines, NOT to withstand the cold temperatures and wind chills of a Chicago IL winter. We do not put on our winter coats without zipping them up, do we? And that is exactly what this style of insulation does to your pipes.

The best type of insulation for water lines needs to stop air movement and retain heat that is in the water naturally. Spray foam insulation will deliver the R rating that is needed to attain this result. Spray foam insulation retains the heat and the R value will NOT diminish over time. Spray foam insulation has passed tests for blocking vigorous air speeds up to 25 mph.

Prevent frozen pipes with insulation in Chicago IL

With these impressive characteristics; encapsulating water lines in basements, crawl spaces, exterior walls and attics of Chicagoland homes, Spray Foam Insulation has more than proven itself. Spray Foam Insulation is a preventative and energy efficient way to protect your water lines but most importantly, your home.

So to “wrap things up”, if you’re in the market for a cost effective way to prevent your pipes from freezing while you sit comfortably on a winter vacation, go with Spray Foam Insulation. Give yourself the peace of mind that has proven effective for many Chicago IL area homeowners by calling RevFoam Insulation for your free estimate on how to properly utilize Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation in your Chicago IL home.

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